The White-Speck (Mythimna unipuncta)

The White-Speck (Mythimna unipuncta)

Mythimna unipuncta is found in the Americas and in parts of Europe, Africa and Asia. Its original distribution is North and South America. It has been introduced to other places from there. They are known as armyworms because the caterpillars move in lines as a massive group, like an army, from field to field, damaging crops.

FW is variably straw colored to orange-brown, finely peppered with dusky scales. Indistinct orbicular and reniform spots are often orange. A tiny white speck touches inner part of reniform spot. A thin dark line slants inward from apex.

Hosts: Mostly grasses and cereals; sometimes a major pest on crops.

Note: Common

The White Speck2 (1)



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