Bicolored Sallow (Sunira bicolorago)

Bicolored Sallow (Sunira bicolorago)

Peppery pale orange FW typically has wavy lines bordered with purplish bands. Scalloped PM line is accented with faint black dots along veins. Reniform spot has a blackish dot in inner half. Some individuals (bicolored) show dark shading across apical half of wing.

The Bicolored Sallow is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is found in the eastern half of the United States and Canada. The wingspan is 28–38 mm. Adults are on wing from August to December in the south and from September to November in the north.

Hosts: Deciduous trees and low plants, including cabbage, cherry, elm, maple, and tobacco.

Note: common

Speckled Green Fruitworm Moth


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