Wavy-Lined Emerald (Synchlora aerate)

Wavy-Lined Emerald (Synchlora aerate)

Synchlora aerata, the Wavy-Lined Emerald moth, is a species of moth of the Geometridae family. It is found in most of North America.

Pale green wings have slightly wavy white AM and PM lines. Dotted whitish ST line is sometimes noticeable. Fringe on all wings is tinged pale green. Abdomen has narrow white dorsal stripe running entire length.

Hosts: The larvae feed on a wide variety of plants, including the flower heads of composite flowers and other flowering plants, as well as shrubs and trees. Recorded food plants include Aster, Rudbeckia, Liatris, Solidago, Artemisia, Achillea and Rubus species. They attach bits of the plant tissue on which they are feeding along their backs. The species overwinters as a partially grown larva.

Note: Common

Wavy-lined Emerald


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