Bent-Line Carpet (Costaconvexa centrostrigaria)

Bent-Line Carpet (Costaconvexa centrostrigaria)

Bent-Line Carpet, is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is native to most of North America, except the Arctic.

Sexually dimorphic. FW of male is pale gray with a blackish AM line and outer section of PM line. Female is similar but has darker gray median band. Both sexes show a black discal dot.

Hosts: Low plants, including knotweed and smartweed.

Note: Common

Red-Twin Spot2


Juniper-Twig Geometer (Patalene olyzonaria)

Juniper-Twig Geometer (Patalene olyzonaria)

It is found from Quebec and New Hampshire to Florida, west to Texas, north to Wisconsin.

FW is variably grayish tan to orange with faint AM line and bold blackish blotches PM line that kinks inward before reaching costa. Often shows blackish blotches in ST area. Apex is hooked, especially in female.

Hosts: Juniper, also white cedar and possibly pine.

Note: Common

Juniper-Twig Geometer

Large Tolype (Tolype velleda)

Large Tolype (Tolype velleda)

Tolype velleda, the Large Tolype moth is a species of moth of the Lasiocampidae family. It is found from Nova Scotia to central Florida, west to Texas and north to Ontario.

The wingspan is 32–58 mm. The females are larger than the males. Males have whitish veins and a broad dark grey subterminal band on their forewings. The hindwings are dark grey, either with or without a whitish median band. Females have similar markings, but are paler and less contrasting. Adults are on wing from July to September in one generation per year.

Hosts: Deciduous trees, including apple, ash, birch, elm, oak and plum.

Note: Common


Cross-striped Cabbageworm (Evergestis rimosalis)

Evergestis rimosalis, the cross-striped cabbageworm, is a moth of the Crambidae family. It is found in most of the eastern United States.
The wingspan is about 25 mm. The forewings are light brownish-grey with dark grey patches. The hindwings are white with dark grey apical shading and a dark discal spot
Host: The larvae feed on various Brassicaceae species, including cabbage, collard greens and Brussels sprouts.

Evergestis rimosalis

Dotted Sallow (Anathix ralla)

Dotted Sallow (Anathix ralla)

Anathix ralla, the Dotted Sallow Moth, is a species of cutworm or dart moth in the family Noctuidae.

Orange FW has slightly scalloped, double AM and PM lines. Angled brown median band is often conspicuous. ST and terminal lines are rows of black dots. Obicular and reniform spots have diffuse blackish dots in inner halves.

Hosts: Aspen

Note: Common

Dotted Sallow