Yellow-Striped Armyworm (Spodoptera ornithogalli)

Yellow-Striped Armyworm (Spodoptera ornithogalli)

Pale grayish brown FW has complex pattern of whitish veins extending across median area. Slanting straw-colored orbicular spot converges toward reniform spot. ST area is accented with black dashes.

Adults are on wing from April to November depending on the location.

Hosts: The larvae feed on various plants, including alfalfa, asparagus, bean, beet, cabbage, clover, corn, cotton, cucumber, hops, grape, grass, jimsonweed, morning glory, onion, pea, peach, peanut, sweet potato, swiss chard, tobacco, tomato, turnip, wheat, watermelon, wild onion, and most other plants with soft leaves.

Note: Common

Yellow-Striped Armyworm


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